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Hi! christANDchris is moving to the new page

We’ll be moving our subscriber lists with us so you won’t miss anything.

Please be sure to visit and bookmark the new site: to continue  following my “revert”journey back to Catholicism, because the more your know, the more you find out you don’t know!


In peace,



8 thoughts on “christANDchris | Home

  1. Debbie Dillon says:

    Hi Chris,
    Just saw that you joined She Writes. So did I a couple weeks ago, though I’m not sure what to do there yet.
    I like your blog and appreciate your honesty. We’re all “somewhere” along the journey; you’re not alone. There’s bound be someone up ahead who can offer you a hand, just as others may be lagging behind who could use some encouraging. Wherever we are, God honors our choice to walk the road that leads to Him.
    I also have a blog. I hope you’ll come and visit me at
    Take care and God Bless,


  2. Bliss Windlow says:

    My life imploded when my husband died and I realized that religion had taught me about a God that was not working for me. I pulled everything apart and went back to the purest place I could .. my childhood …. when I knew He was there. I pulled the one thing I knew for sure .. that He Loved me and held on to that as I slowly picked up the pieces of my life and replaced the dogma with truth. It is about my personal relationship. I no longer care if anyone else understands that … He and I are the only ones that have to be clear on who I am and who I am not.


    • chrisco1 says:

      I can’t imagine the depths of your sorrow during that time, but Ilione the strong voice of where you are now. What you say about God and you…that’s me, too. Some of the people I’ve loved or counted on most in my life have given me the greatest grief about that. Your words are a reminder that I can only answer for myself.


  3. Debbie Dillon says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I’m in a bit of a slump today, and should probably send out a mass apology for that post today – it was written in a completely different voice and is like my usual post. Thanks for stopping by and offering encouragement. Take care and be blessed 🙂


    • chrisco1 says:

      I fall into that rut myself ( more often than I care to admit) — no apology necessary. 🙂

      Chris Conard Shultz- Freelance writing and photography Sent from my iPhone 717.574.7919


  4. Ami tamir says:

    Dear friend,

    In these days, I finished to write a book about “Flower of the Holy Land”. The book is a guide for Christian pilgrims, with botanical aspects of the plants, along with the religious context of Christian tradition, the New Testament and Jesus in Proverbs. During the collection of materials, I exposed to your website and found appropriate photo of “Mary in the Roses garden”. I would be grateful if you allow me to use this photo in my book, of course while giving credit and rights reserve for the photographer, as required by law.
    Sincerely yours,

    Ami Tamir


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