State of Readiness

A few years ago, my husband and I redid our family room — basically the hub for our TV watching. At the time, I found the perfect accessory in a reproduction antique wall clock but, like most things today, it hasn’t lasted very well and, eventually, it’s stopped working.

I’ve spent countless hours over the past year trying to get it working again, even replacing the clock movement, which worked for a short time before it again stopped keeping time. I can reposition the clock hands, and it will work for an hour or two, and then woefully decline, so when glancing at it the true time is unknown. This scenario reminds me of the biblical caution that Jesus has given us, that we  “do not know the day or hour” of His return.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday moments that direct our lives, the things that we think important at any given time, the moments where we let down our guard and lose track of the very thing we have been cautioned against. And it’s a subtle reminder, each time I see the clock that I’ve now all but stopped trying to fix (and it may subconsciously be the reason I no longer feel the necessity to fix), that the time may be later than I think to fix the things in my life that have stopped working. None of us know the hour of His coming, whether we have a clock to mark the time or a conscience that is keen on hinting that the hour is drawing near.

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