Shock to the Heart

lightning strike on the water at twilightI heard rolling thunder for about an hour before the storm actually hit. The rumbling was deep and long, and I finally grabbed my camera and jogged over to the bayside where the skies were deep colors and the lightning strikes arced over one of the islands. I couldn’t get my timer in sync, and my battery was just about dead. I was not prepared, plus I was out shooting in an electrical storm…not real smart. But heavy weather has a way of enticing me. I pushed my Nikon till the battery died and made my way home, disappointed. It wasn’t till I got back to my office and was going through the frames that I found this one…the very last photo. The lightning had been all around me, but even with dozens of photos I couldn’t capture it. I often feel that way in my faith journey, trying  to find ways of connecting where I feel something, and then of not being able to hold on to those fleeting feelings when I know I’ve had a personal connection with God. But when that happens, it’s as though some type of electricity zips through me and, unlike this photo, there’s no physical evidence of it happening. But in my heart, where the strike happens, it’s real, and there is an impact.


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