Blow Thou Winter Winds?

Paraphrasing William Shakespeare’s poem just a bit here in the title but which starts out “Blow, blow thou winter wind/Thou are not so unkind/As man’s ingratitude/

Many interpretations on this, but its message harkens to the bite of bitter friendship or friendship disloyal and forgotten.

Today in central PA there is a sharp wind, and it reminds me that during this 40 Days—my second Lent of blogging—there’s a wind that blows through our hearts yet again in preparation of our Lord’s coming at Easter. It’s a time to reflect on how Jesus’ friends, the apostles and those who loved him most, forgot their friendships and abandoned him at the most crucial time. Truly a case of man’s ingratitude.

Lent is a time to reflect, a time to challenge our own winter winds. Where are we on this road? Where are we being disloyal? It seems things now are not so different than Shakespeare’s time, nor that of Christ’s.

You can read the entire poem here


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