A Bad Day at Work

trip and fall

Yesterday started out fine, but after spending hours on a project at work, it didn’t end well. On my final “save” of the document, it simply disappeared. Near frantic searching through all the online directories and folders, plus a call to the Help Desk produced…well, nothing.

Today was the exact opposite, starting out in a not-so-good way. Just before I hit the doors at work, I tripped at the top of the steps leading from the parking lot…purse, coffee mug, laptop literally flew from my arms. I even lost a shoe! Nothing broken; nothing much damaged (at least as far as the laptop). Just a big bruise on my knee, a sore arm…and bruised ego. But the fall itself? Epic.

But the day got better and no lost documents, and I was thankful. I can even be thankful that during the fall—that slow-motion downward spiral when you know you can’t stop it—my coffee mug lid stayed in the closed position, so no spillage. And, but for the grace of God, it could have been much worse.

So I may be sore tomorrow, and it may be several days till my skinned knees are healed, but sometimes it’s the little stumbles in life that get us to think about the bigger ones, when it’s not so easy to shake it off and get up. When we may need to humble ourselves more than what any trip or fall can do, and allow ourselves to be picked up by God when we can’t do it ourselves.

In that view, I can say that even a bad day at work is better than so many sad and unfortunate situations that we hear about every day, and that should be how we try to view a lot of the not so terrible things that happen to us that we try to turn into something bigger than what they really are.

I’d also bet that if someone saw my fall this morning or caught it on Video and posted it to YouTube, it would probably be one of the all-time most viewed. Like I said, the fall was epic, kinda Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote cartoon epic, and even I can appreciate the humor in that.


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