Mail Call

letters to mailI’m conditioned to communicate 90 percent of the time electronically, either through e-mail, text or messaging via my iPhone. It’s convenient and immediate. In my mind, it’s a time-saver. So when it comes to sitting down to actually write a letter, I feel more than a bit out of practice.

But this evening I did just that. Mind you, I’d been neglecting this task—blame it on a lingering cold that has brought more than a week’s discomfort with bronchitis (okay, that’s what I’ve been blaming it on). I just hadn’t been looking forward to it, gathering up pen and paper, a card or two, envelopes and stamps…. In comparison to a keyboard and “send” button,” this seems almost Herculean. I jest but only a little. I used to be a huge letter writer, and loved the whole getting ready phase of the process, almost more than the letter writing itself. And I loved the finished product, all sealed up and addressed with flourish. The problem here, as it often is when I discuss things in my posts, is devoting time, when I know there are so many other things I’d like to be doing.

But now there’s a small pile of lovely sealed letters that will go out in tomorrow’s mail, and I’ll tell ya, it makes me smile.

That fact alone tells me that in spite of the convenience and quickness that communications technology delivers, there is still room (and I’ll add need) for taking the time to write a letter or send an actual card, not one that’s delivered free from an Internet page.

So go ahead, make it fun to go to the mailbox again…send a letter and make someone’s day. It might just be your own!


8 thoughts on “Mail Call

  1. chrisco1 says:

    thanks for the encouragement, all of you! I appreciate hearing from my readers. there’s new stuff today — I’m marking my second Lenten season of posting, so if you’d like to follow along this season through these blessed 40 days, please sign up for notifications. Much obliged.


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