Vanity Plate

I love trying to figure out obscure vanity plates on cars — the more challenging, the better. Most of them bring a smile to my face once I decipher. I have one on my car, and it indicates where I love to vacation.

But I saw one yesterday that made a somewhat different impression, and that I’m still thinking about: IDZRVIT

I can’t even remember the make/model of the car it was on, the plate took all my attention after seeing it. I’m not passing judgment here, just reflecting on the message.

We’ve all felt from time to time as though we deserve one thing or another. Hard work deserves a promotion. Raising vast sums of money deserves recognition. Being beautiful deserves celebrity status. Right? Um…

Those types of things are purely worldly things which we all need to deal with and/or make peace with in our everyday lives. That kind of thinking is worldly, too. Like the poor that Jesus preached about “they will always be with us” in our fallen race.

What that vanity plate really made me think about was what none of us deserve—Christ’s dying for our sins. We can never earn that. Plain and simple. We will never be entitled to that awesome show of love for us, and yet we can all have it, if we ask for it, deserving or not.


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