Picture This

I’m an avid photo enthusiast, both for my freelance writing and my own personal pursuit, so it’s natural that I want to share some of that with my readers on this blog.

I’ll start with the image I chose for the blog itself, taken in one of my favorite places on earth, Stone Harbor, NJ. I took this photo at the Bird Sanctuary at the south end of the island, where rejuvenation efforts have been ongoing since 2005. The 21.5 acre site is being maintained as a Sanctuary to help replenish the numbers of native nesting  herons and migrating birds to those of previous eras. The Sanctuary was officially established in 1947 and in 1965 became a National Natural Landmark.

It seems great foresight that such planning was taken into account and that because of it such natural beauty and a renewed focus on reclamation is available in the community.

With Christ’s resurrection and our passing into Eastertide, that thought of our own spiritual reclamation is put into the light of renewed focus. We can reclaim our place with God with renewed enthusiasm for His great foresight in planning a future that includes us being with Him. The Easter season is a time of great hope for all believers, whether we are just beginning our spiritual journey or may be heading toward our final days.

I took this photo because the light mimicked both early morning and evening—times at which the moon is often visible. The lone tree seemed to impart a certain strength in the waxing or waning light. It reminded me that I do not stand alone, no matter the current station of my life. Whether I find myself in the early rays of dawn or the approaching shadows of night, each holds a promise of renewal.


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