Can You Hear Me Now?

Tonight, while I let the dog out for the last time before bed, I heard spring awakening.

Our neighborhood is a quiet one, and in the process of owning a dog these past few years I’ve discovered something I never knew existed before. In the quiet of the night, you can actually hear spring coming to life.

Standing on my front porch I can hear the emergence of plant leaves as they poke their way through the uncleared leaves of the flower beds. Don’t believe me? I didn’t either a couple years ago, till I got a flashlight and, kneeling over the flower bed, waited, shining the light on the spot where I last heard the crisp rustle of dry leaves.

And….voila! After a few minutes, the tendril of an astilbe leaf popped up and uncurled right before my eyes!

It was magnificent. I felt joyous. I realized that I had witnessed something that most people will never see. All because I stopped to listen.

I’m sure God speaks to us just this way. Asking us to pay attention, to awaken to His Word.


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