Real Time Jeopardy

Being new at blogging, I’m still discovering all the doo-dads that you can add to a blog site, like all the things that show up in the column to the right.

The most recent one I installed is the “Live Traffic Feed.” I’m enamored by it; I can watch live as people come and go on my blog, showing me where they are located, in general, and what page(s) they are looking at, how long they stay on my site, even which operating system they are using. Don’t worry, I can’t see your address or anything like that. But it does make me wonder if the “Etters, PA” visitor is my sister-in-law, Jackie (hey, girl!).

It kind of makes me wonder about the knowledge that God has of our own hearts. Psalms 139: 1-2 tells that the Lord searches us. He knows us. Inside and out. He can tell our thoughts from afar.

If the recent introduction of the ‘Watson” super-computer on the TV game show Jeopardy can give us any clues about a monumental knowledge base and how “instant knowing” can factor into our human lives, how much more awesome can God’s real-time knowledge of our lives be? Too much Big Brother for ya? I agree the thought of it confounds me.

For me, the little widget that keeps track of the comings and going of people to my blog is a reminder that I have responsibility to those out in the cyber world, at least to the point that I stay true to the reason for this blog (hey, you there in Manchester, England! Welcome!). Sometimes a comment can help keep me on track, keep my posts on point. The opportunity to think about my comments in real time can be a real help.

But when I log off or when you stop reading, what’s to keep us on track in the real world and out of jeopardy?

I’ve gotta hope it’s the knowledge that God knows what’s in my heart and in my mind. He knows my coming and my going. He is the ultimate widget.


2 thoughts on “Real Time Jeopardy

  1. Martha L Shaw says:

    Okay, I am smiling big time here. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of God in the way your closed with, but mostly because I am also very new to blogging and didn’t know what a widget was until recently. Not sure what they all do yet and wondering if I can change my “layout” or “background” or whatever and will the change make things better? Might I lose something I want to hold onto? Kinda the way we doubt when we are facing spiritual growth. Shucks I was used to the disfunctional way things were . . . then the Lord comes up with something new . . . and when I give in and give Him my heart, it’s always better than I ever dreamed . . . yes, God is the ultimate widget for sure!


    • chrisco1 says:

      thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I appreciate your thoughts. I often get mired in the everyday stresses of life, including the technologies that are changing the landscape of the writing field, like blogging. It took me several ‘tries’ and reading through numerous posts and “how to” sites for me to understand some of the more subtle nuances of employing widgets. Enjoy your day, Martha!


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