The Face I Love

I have a six-year old Papillon, a “butterfly” dog, named Roofuss. And she’s a female. I know, I know. Roofuss…and she’s a girl!

When looking to get a dog and researching different breeds, it was always going to be “Roofuss,” no matter if the dog was male or female. I blame it all on the Zyrtec TV ad from 2003…the first time I recall ever seeing a Papillon. Geez, with its sweet little face and ears that, yes, look like a butterfly is perched atop its head, I fell instantly in love. Go ahead, click here to view the original “Rufus” from the Zyrtec commercial, and then tell me I could say ‘no’ to such a sweetie!

Our little Roofuss (we altered the name a bit—think Kanga and little Roo, which was about the size of her when we got her) is just as darling as her TV inspiration. And those ears…they still crack me up!

Every morning I look forward to seeing her furry little face, hearing that soft whuf that says Get up! Pay attention to me! And so, the day begins.

I’m trying to think more about another face I love, though, when I get up in the mornings, and that is Christ’s.

The other day, driving back from the dentist, I was listening to a radio program that mentioned a drawing of the “laughing Jesus.” I was intrigued. I’ve really never thought about Jesus as being one to laugh. And why not? After all, He embodied everything human, including human emotion, didn’t He? Except, sin, of course.

Of course He did. And though we’re more commonly inclined to think on Jesus as sober, contemplative and reflective—angry, too, at times, like when he upended the money changers’tables in the temple—He would have also had times of happiness and joy. Yes, I’m sure He would have laughed, and heartily.

I spent the last half hour prior to writing this post doing a Google search for Laughing Jesus and other variants, and I came upon a lot of images of Jesus laughing. But there was one in particular that to me, more than others, captures the spirit that was described on that radio program. It took me a while longer to find the actual creator of the image so I could give credit, as I’m including it here. 

Thank you, Christine Kerrick, for the wonderful illustration referred to as “The Jesus Print,” but actually titled Abba, Father.

I believe you have captured the beautiful face of God in this image, and I will think on it in the mornings when I picture the face I love.


3 thoughts on “The Face I Love

  1. mangofuzz says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing it. I, too, like when Jesus is portrayed in the fullness of his humanity. It’s weird when I see pictures of him looking somber with a weird yellow glow around his head. What the heck is that, anyway? lol


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